Happy Mermaid's Natural Light Studio

(including directions to the studio)

 Window light has been a source of inspiration for artists for as long as there have been windows.  Why?  It's dramatic, unpredictable, and it's flattering light for portraits.  I do use strobes, but natural light is my preference.


The best way to find the studio is to type "Happy Mermaid Images" into Google maps.  I am located on HWY 20 past the Jamestown Reservoir.  If you have gone past the electrical substation, you have gone too far. Some people are familiar with the old Yatskis farmhouse.  We built right next to their farm.  Our home is black steel with lots of windows.  The studio is attached to the garage.  Please park on concrete, and enter the door next to the garage.  

FYI: One reason my husband and I decided to build a home with a large studio attached rather than renting a space downtown was that my youngest, who uses a wheelchair in the home, would benefit from a single story home.  We chose the country in part because it provides a myriad of outdoor options for photoshoots.  Last year we planted seven acres in natural prairie grass.  Although it will take awhile to develop, my hope is that my natural light studio will extend far beyond the walls.  

Tap on the image below to scroll through a sample of Happy Mermaid's studio work.