Thank you, St. John's Academy Families, for allowing me to take your school portraits. Here is how to order:

All ordering is done online. Prints will be delivered to the school. Please choose “school delivery” for your shipping option so that you will not be charged for shipping.

If there is a print size you want that is not available in the shopping cart, please text me at 701-269-1329, and I will add it to the online store.

Digital Downloads:
What’s so great about a digital download?  
You can make as many copies as you like, share the images on social media, and store them along with your other digital images.
You will find this option in the shopping cart.
Instructions for buying some, but not, all digital downloads: 
Add the pictures you wish to purchase to the cart. Go to payment. Downloads will be sent via email. Please download pictures at the time of purchase.

Instructions for buying the entire album: 
Select one image from your album to add to your shopping cart. Go to digital downloads. Tap on "all photos download.” 

Your child's album will stay active until
11:59 PM on Wednesday, October 10th.  
After that time, the album will be removed, and you will no longer be able to order downloads or prints.

If you have a moment, please sign my online model release which gives Happy Mermaid permission to use your child’s image online or in print for advertising purposes. Thank you!

Class photos can be downloaded for free with the download code 5839. There is an arrow in the corner of each image. That is the download icon for the free album. Click here to view album.  

Time to look at your pictures! Find your child's name below, and click on it. (“mr” by your child’s name just means I have a signed model release.)