If you did not bring money Monday, you can still order individual and group pictures. Just add the pic that you want to the shopping cart. You will receive a digital download of the picture along with an 8X10 print if you order a group photo and a 5X7 if you order an individual portrait.

If you have already ordered, please look over my list and make sure I have it right. If there is an issue, please text me at 701-269-1329


U10 Boys:

Ordered a group photo only: Brayden and Noah

Individual and Group: Nolan, Chase, Aden, Oakley, Owen, Bodie, Evan, Max, Braxton

U12 Boys:

Group Photo Only: Aiden, Jonas, Ian

Individual only: Jackson, Zander

Individual and Group Photos: Brady, Ethan, Jake, Ryan

U14 Boys:

Group Photo Only: Caleb and Carver

Individual and Group: Gabe, Gavin, Lewis, Jarrett, Connor, Parker, Jacob

If you ordered individual portraits, check this album and make sure your child’s picture is in it. You may also download a digital copy if you like as well. Just click on the image you wish to download and then use the icon of an arrow pointing down.