Renegade School Portraits


Hello, welcome to the second year of Renegade School Portraits. This is an alternative to traditional school portraits. The event is open to preschool through high school students at the Art Center on Saturday, September 21st.

Cost: There is a $20 registration fee. This $20 is given back to you as a gift card to purchase digital downloads. A single download is $20. You can buy the entire album for $35.50. A typical album is 3-5 edited images. A download comes with a print release. This means that you can make your own prints. Prints are also available for purchase.

How to prepare:

All students are photographed against a classic black background. Choose a color of clothing that makes your child's eyes and/or skin pop. Do not choose neon colors. Stay away from clothes with words on it.

Only the upper half of the body is photographed. Don't worry about shoes. Hands sometimes get featured. I do not remove fake tattoos or chipped fingernails. Please have your child arrive the way you wish them to look in the portrait. I do remove acne and bruises when possible.

This year I am encouraging students to bring a simple prop that they can hold in their hands such as a musical instrument, a stuffed animal, a sport's prop, or a favorite book.

Preschool through elementary students write their name on a blackboard. They do this while they are waiting for their session. Sometimes kids add drawings or doodles. I think the image is much stronger if kids write their first name and leave the rest of the chalkboard blank. Please encourage them to do just that. (See example portrait above)

Do not sign your child up if they go to Victory Lutheran or SJA. If you have a child attending SJA, please go ahead and register here. All students at SJA must be enrolled to receive their online album. (There is no registration fee for in-school portraits)


Any questions? Message my Facebook page or email me at To visit more of my school portrait work, visit my school portrait website below.