Music Portraits are scheduled for

October 16th at Jamestown High School

and October 24th and 25th at Jamestown Middle School.


Copy of Musicportraits.png

1. Students bring $10 to music class prior to portrait day and give it to their music teacher.   The music department keeps a record of all students who pay. Checks can be made to," Happy Mermaid Images. " 

If a student is in multiple music classes, pay $10 for the first class and $5 for each additional music class portrait.  For instance, if your child is in band and choir, the cost is $15.  If your child is in band, choir, and jazz band the cost is $20.  

On portrait day, all students are photographed.  Those who have paid for a portrait will first hold up a card that says, "PAID."I take a quick pic, and then we move on to taking their posed portrait. This is my way of organizing students into two groups; paid and nonpaid.

Next, I set up two online albums.  The first album has group portraits and paid portraits in it.  These are free to download at full resolution for personal printing (see a copy of the print release below). This download is what you purchase with your $10. You may also order prints (at 20% off) from this album. The discount is already figured into the price of the prints. This is another perk of paying before or on portrait day.  

All prints are delivered to the school.

 If you do not pay $10 on/before picture day, you can download the group portrait at no cost. You may also visit the non-paid album and buy your child’s individual picture.  The cost is $15 an image for digital download. Prints are also available for purchase.

Print Release:

Happy Mermaid Images grants permission to share the print release and to reproduce images taken at Jamestown Public Schools for personal use only.


Middle School Albums: