Hello! I would like to offer you a discount when you buy multiple downloads. Without putting pictures into separate albums, it is hard for me to do that. So this year you have two options:

  1. Go to the online album, use the online shopping cart, and purchase the digital download(s) that you want.

2. Purchase an all digital download pass. This is a $30 pass that allows you to download all the pictures in the album that you wish to download.   

 You can purchase a family download pass ($55). I may or may not be able to tell if you share the code, especially with group images, so this method requires me to trust that you will buy the pass and use it for only one skater or one family ( with the family pass) and not share the download code with other families. After you purchase the pass, I’ll send you the code.

Also, there are a few pictures with glass glare. If you want any of those sent off to a lab to get them fixed, please let me know (after you purchase your download or pass).

One last thing, it came to my attention that last year the ice skating coach had his feet cut off on the picture because I had cropped it 5X7 and the image that was posted was 4X6. This is an easy fix. When possible, I am always willing to make adjustments. Please let me know how I can help you

 Thank you! I hope you have a very enjoyable year skating!

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